7 Interviewing Tips for People With Disabilities

pStandard Interviewing Etiquette

The etiquette to interviewing a person with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities is not unlike interviewing any other person. An employer would find it helpful, however, to keep in mind a few tips that are specific to interviewing an individual with apparent disabilities.

A simple interaction with individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities will show that they are usually eager to please and prove their worth. Patience, however, is an essential ingredient while talking to people with such a disability. A patient interviewer who is open to interacting with and understanding a mentally retarded individual will be surprised at the effort such individuals put into their interactions.

7 Interviewing Tips

Use of simple language and well-structured sentences can assist the both the Interviewer and the person being Interviewed. The Interview process should be looked upon as a chance to display why a company is a good choice for employment.

Avoid complicated words and ambiguous phrases and do not use baby language.
Respect the interviewee and his/her ability to hold a conversation.
Talk slowly and make sure your instructions are understandable. Repeat yourself if you have to, but don’t proceed until you are sure the interviewee has

How to Choose a Top Company for Your Next Job

downloadWhat are the main aspects you should take into account when choosing your next employer? What makes a company worth working for? Let’s see:

Performance reviews

Any company that’s worth working for will have scheduled performance reviews, preferably at least once a year. Some companies do them every six months, and some in even shorter intervals. Regardless of the exact timing of these reviews, make sure the company you’re interested in does perform these reviews. It gives a great idea of how active employees are, their current contributions to a company in comparison to past reviews, and how productive they are with their time at the office. This also can give the chance to get concerns or comments heard, as most companies that perform these reviews also take comments into consideration during the review. Constructive feedback from these reviews is one of the best things a company can give an employee, as it show strengths and weaknesses without being unfair or overbearing.

Career advancement opportunity

Do the employers of the company you’re looking at offer regular training, and what is their promotion process? These are good questions to ask during an interview, as it shows ambition towards

Tips to Plan a New Job

007fd91825ad4de593ad53aea3f24afdIf you’re looking for plumbing jobs, pipe fitter jobs or to get in with a construction recruitment company, you should first know what to look for. Think about your lifestyle and how it could benefit you to get temporary plumbing jobs. Maybe you’re looking for something more stable with permanent potential in a pipe fitter job. You’ll also want to consider what locations you’re willing to travel to. Construction recruitment companies can effectively get your plumbing jobs and pipe fitter jobs quickly so be prepared to start working.

Benefits of Temporary Job Placement

Temporary job placement might be the right thing if you’re not ready to commit to one employer. For instance, you stand to gain a lot of knowledge if you have various pipe fitter jobs that are temporary. You are building your experience and learning to work within the industry. With construction recruitment on a temporary basis, you’ll have the opportunity to work on various sites. It makes it so that your work never becomes stagnant and keeps an element of excitement to it.

Benefits of Permanent Job Placement

Permanent job placement gives you stability along with

How You Should Resign From Your Job

Resigning from your current job depends on the scenario that you are currently facing. Most of the time candidates resign from their jobs to join a better opportunity. A lot of people resign because they had enough of the job and can’t work there anymore. Resigning in a dignified way is what every employee wants and some people are not lucky enough to leave a company without burning bridges. Suppose you want to leave your job and have no idea how to do it. Follow these guidelines and you will be able to leave one a good note:

First of all check your contract. What does it say about leaving? Some companies have rules that require the employees to serve a notice period before formally quitting their jobs. If you have that clause in your contract then serve that notice in an email addressed to the higher management, CEO and the HR department.

Don’t go around telling every one of your colleagues that you want to leave. Not everyone in the company is your friend. Just tell the higher management or your team leader or a senior colleague that you have finally decided to leave the company. Do not tell everyone before

Five Things You Can Do That Will Help You Stay Positive During Your Job Search

If you’ve ever been downsized, right-sized, terminated, released, laid off or whatever term your company used, you know how difficult it can be to remain positive during a job search. I know from personal experience. You see I was laid off after six years with my employer, and it was a difficult adjustment having to conduct a job search, especially during a slow economy. The process for conducting a job search has changed tremendously, and I was lost. However I was determined to remain positive. And while I must admit I’ve had a few days of discouragement (we all do at times), my outlook has been extremely optimistic.

The first thing I did was to make a decision to embrace my newfound freedom and view this as a new, exciting chapter in my life. I began to get excited about what my next position would look like. I also decided to do things that made me happy. Along the way, I discovered that these “things” also helped me stay positive.

1. Exercise: I had been putting off exercising for quite some time. I always told myself I didn’t have the time because I was always working (which was true). Now that I

6 Tips for Success in a Remote Job Interview

When you apply for a job in another city or country or when the manager is away on a business trip, you may get a remote interview. Such job interviews are becoming ever more common due to the globalization of the job market and the advancement in technology. They are usually conducted via an instant messenger such as Skype or over the telephone. It pays off to be properly prepared and to use the right strategies for success.

Get prepared technically.

You need to get all the equipment and software necessary for the remote job interview in advance. If you cannot invest in a computer camera, for instance, you can borrow one from a friend. You have to check the connection no matter whether you will be interviewed over the internet or over the phone.

It is equally important that you get well familiar with the hardware and software which you will be using. You have to know how to adjust the settings and how to troubleshoot basic problems.

Do the required research.

You will have to conduct extensive research to learn as much as possible about the company and its culture. You should check not only their website, but their profile on the different

5 Benefits of Working a Live In Job

If you’re looking for a career in the household staff industry, it is highly recommended to consider taking a live-in position, as there are many added benefits you can enjoy. Whether you have previous experience as a nanny, gardener or chef, to name just a few, there are many added bonuses to living on site and we have listed a selection of these below.

Comfortable accommodation

Live-in accommodation is generally of a high quality, which ranges from your own bedroom and bathroom, to separate houses which are usually furnished to a high standard. You can also expect accommodation to include a television and internet access, which will help to make you feel at home. You will also find that much of the housing is also on large estates, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful grounds during your period of employment.

Top locations

Live-in staff are often placed in safe, family environments, which gives a sense of security while working. Also, if you’re willing to move abroad, you can also experience a variety of different destinations across the world, ranging anywhere from Cyprus to Africa.

Live with your partner

If you and your partner both have a household skill, a number of households look to hire

5 Secrets To Becoming A Satisfied Employee

There are many facets to every person’s life. Family, friends, finances, health, and leisure all take a slice of the pie. To be able to work efficiently, there must be a sense of balance between these aspects of an individual. If one or more of these is compromised, an employee will be incapable of functioning as a reliable member of the team and a useful unit of the company.

So what makes a happy employee? Metaphorically speaking, it’s about having the whole pie and not just slices of it. A person must be able to balance every part of his life so he will be more satisfied with his work. Below are the 5 secrets to becoming a happy employee.

1. Find a job with flexible hours.

One of the keys to employee satisfaction is flexibility of hours, not a rigid work 9 to 5 work schedule. And when you do find that perfect employer, listen to your body before deciding on the work hours. Do you work better in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening? Different people have different biorhythms or body clocks. Some are able to get up early in the morning and work their way to the afternoon. Others

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up an Engineering Job

Every individual looks for a career which is both rewarding and gratifying. As a professional all you desire is a long job life with financial stability. Your next 40-50 years of service is largely influenced by your choice of career. Your job in hand has a vast impact on various facets of human life. This article is written to shed a light on the various aspects of engineering jobs.

It is to be noted that some of the highest paying careers in the world are found in engineering. In fact, it is one of the most remunerative and in demand career choices an individual can make. Whenever we think of engineering jobs, we tend to cascade our thoughts of huge skyscrapers being built, splendid flyovers being constructed for the convenience of commutators, modern age machines being designed or out of the box technology being implemented for complex tasks. Engineering by definition is the art and science which deals with design, building, structures, machines and technology. Those involved in engineering jobs are high in demand owed to their diversified skill-set. Let us take a quick sneak peek what are the top reasons why you should be taking an engineering job.

Engineering is a

Tips on How to Be More Productive at Work

When firms go to a finance industry recruiter to find a financial advisor for their firm, there are two categories of skills that they look for. First, they seek out the tangibles– an appropriate education and level of licensing, and an expected level of experience for the given position. There is also a second level of skills, the intangibles, that can go a long way for an employee to get chosen. Often, those who are promoted ahead of the usual advancement skills are high in the intangibles. These can include positive demeanor and/or emotional intelligence, ability to work with difficult people, work ethic, willingness to listen to others both above and below them, and productivity. Though some of these skills are difficult to teach, others, like productivity, can be improved by making some good, conscious choices. If you are someone who is looking to boost productivity, and your future career prospects, give these techniques a try:

Learn Your Baseline

In order to discover whether you are improving your skills, first you need to know your current productivity rates. If all of your work is on a computer, you can set a timer for jobs, or even find productivity software online. One benefit

Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Application

You have finally done it. You have found your dream job and you cannot wait to apply for it. You know that you will be absolutely perfect for it; you have all the right experience and qualifications and you have spent all day putting together a job application along with cover letter deserving of a literary award. You are just seconds away from sending the application. Don’t! Take a moment to go over the job application once again to ensure you have avoided the common mistakes that thousands of candidates make in their application. Their resume ends up in the no pile and their dream job remains exactly that; a dream.

Some mistakes you should avoid in your job application are mentioned here:

• Spelling and grammatical errors

Although these type of errors may seem small in nature, they can be a major red flag for most employers. They convey to the recruiters or hiring managers that you don’t pay attention to detail and will give the impression that you rushed through your application rather than working on it. Don’t be in a hurry when you are filling out your application and have someone go over it, if possible.

• Not following directions

This is

Getting Employed After College tips

Every year, thousands of young people, having finished their graduation start looking for jobs. Generally, they are not really aware of the prevailing unhealthy state of ongoing economy, and the resultant tough competition they will be required to face. The current year has an unemployment rate at almost ten percent and that is expected to go up still higher.

Going by the estimates of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these days there are five applicants for just one job opening. A survey conducted by CareerBuilder estimates that only 44 percent of the employers may have jobs for fresh graduates from college. All such statistical figures are really disheartening for jobseekers.

Many of those coming out of colleges are graduates and post graduates too. Because they sought additional loans from banks to support their education, they are certainly under pressure to pay back those loans, and they are quite frantic to get jobs. Because of the scarcity of jobs, these graduates might remain under debt for long. It’s no wonder that many college students, when finding the job market so tough, have no option but to give up further studies due to financial issues.

Many feel that the Occupy Wall Street Movement had much

7 Most Unconventional Yet Promising Career Options for Youths

Professional courses not only help in securing a good job, but also help in grooming one’s personality. Attributes such as verbal communication, time management, asset management and self-confidence add a professional flair to the personality. Professional courses mean excellent career prospects and job security that can help you grow in your professional life to the top positions. That’s why youths in this age are more inclined towards professional courses than regular programs. Let’s find out what are the most popular professional courses in the present time apart from B. Tech and MBBS.

Career in Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy is one of the best options for students who are exemplary and outstanding in, maths and commerce. Eligibility for CA course is a degree in commerce. To successfully complete the program you have to clear three levels of examinations. The first is a proficiency test, the second is based on a theoretical program which is the professional competence course. And, the third and final is the course exam, which is the test of theory and the final stage, qualifying which you become a full fledged auditor. It could take anywhere between four to five years to complete the course after a B. Com or

3 Things to Consider Before You Start A Part Time Job

There are several things that you may need to consider before you start a part-time job. This article will highlight three of them. The current market for part-time jobs is very competitive. Many people need a second income. This means that you will have to use new tools and techniques to find your ideal job, especially if you want to enter an area that is fairly new to you or one in which you have training but very little experience.

Some of your competitors may have previously worked in the area you want to work in. Make sure that you carefully consider the skills and assets you will bring to the job, even if you are crossing over from another field. Put these in your resume. Also be ready to do a convincing summary of what makes you the best candidate for the job you are interested in doing.

Additionally, the job market is in a state where some persons are unable to get full-time work. Several people end up working several jobs part time in an effort to make the sum earned from these jobs to cover their bills. Budgeting carefully will help your money go further. This helps if you

Useful Tips for Finding Penetration Tester Jobs

The prospect of working as a penetration tester (also called ‘professional hacker’) can be very enticing to IT professionals and new graduates – and it’s easy to see why. IT security can seem like an exciting industry to be in. But what exactly does it take to become a penetration tester? Here are all the basics you need to know.

Where Do You Start?

One of the main prerequisites to qualifying for a penetration testing job (at any level) is exposure to hacking, IT security, and computer science. This is a highly specialised job, after all. Some of the common starting points to penetration testing careers include the following:

• Existing IT professionals (system administrators, network engineers, developers)
• Graduates of courses like computer science, ethical hacking, and cyber security
• IT students who hack as a hobby

If you have a similar background, try your luck applying as a penetration tester online. The best place to find postings in this industry is a specialised job site that posts only IT security jobs.

What Characteristics and Skills Make a Good Penetration Tester?

Beyond raw technical knowledge, a good tester also has the following:

1. Passion for IT security. The best penetration testers are genuinely, deeply interested in

10 Fun Jobs You Wish You Had

Getting a good job for a lot of people is just a matter of finding a job with the right salary and the right benefits. Choosing one of the 10 fun jobs or more is going to be a luxury for a lot of people.

1. Testing Water Slides: Water slides require quality control just like everything else. The people who are responsible for actually controlling that quality are more or less paid to test water slides for a living.

2. People Who Write Guidebooks: The guidebooks that help other people on their journeys are written by people who were paid to travel to those locations first. These are adventurous individuals who pave the way for others and have a great time doing it.

3. Un-exploded Ordinance Technician: People who get paid to reduce the threat of un-exploded objects in certain areas more or less also get paid to set off explosions. They get paid six-figure salaries for this task, making it a good job in the sense of it being entertaining and well-compensated.

4. Snuggling for a Living: The mental health benefits of non-sexual touching are quite well-documented. However, not everyone has a partner available for that sort of non-sexual touching, and not

5 Reasons Why Recruitment Firms Can Land You Your Dream Job

We all know for a fact how difficult it is to get a job nowadays. As the world recovers from recession, job opportunities are less as companies are focusing more on hiring only quality candidates rather than increasing the headcount of their staffs. If you are a job seeker, it is most natural that you are getting limited opportunities in your field. But that’s no reason to lose hope.

Direct recruitment is not the only option

In this day and age, some people still have the misconception that if they want to get a job, directly contacting the company is the only option. But that’s not the case anymore. Third party agencies have gained a lot of momentum in the past few years and why won’t it be? After all, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

From a client’s perspective, they are getting already screened and capable candidates who match the job criteria. While for candidates, it is also beneficial in several ways like:-

No fee involved: Let go of this notion that these organizations charge a fee for fixing an interview with a company. Sure they charge a fee but not from you. The companies interested in hiring pays the fee.

Six Tips to Help You Find More Job Postings

Do you ever reach the point of seriously contemplating changing your job? Most often, it is caused by two factors, one when you are not happy with the work environments, or if the position you are occupying doesn’t suit your personality.

A couple of years ago, I worked for a company that had the motto of keeping their clients pleased. Without being critical of their motto, I realized that it was being detrimental to my health. I was not hardened to working under pressure created by tight deadlines. I wasn’t accustomed to handling large workloads. People around me were as busy, but seemed to manage their affairs better. I feel my present work environments suit me better. You may like to know how I got there. Here are a few steps you’ll find helpful in reinventing your job search.

1. Hold on to your present job while searching for a new job, unless you can’t do for medical reasons. You should understand that finding a new job is easier when you are employed. One reason for that is that you are in the midst of people who may be aware of new job postings. You can’t overlook the fact that people at

How To Land A Top Job Salary

However, it could be a major mistake. You could land a top job salary, but you might not be meant for the job or you might not be interested in the field you choose. The way to get a satisfying, high paying job is to prepare yourself for one, in your area of liking.

Upgrade your education
An additional degree on your resume could be what you need to get your dream job. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification to have if you want a decent job and salary. A master’s degree or Ph.D further raises your chances of securing a top job salary.

You can continue to educate yourself even as you work fulltime. There are many colleges offering online courses and part-time programs for working students. Also, enquire if your current employer has an incentive program in place to pay for at least half your education.

Expand your skill set
With everything moving towards an interdisciplinary approach, cross-training is an asset. In addition to being trained in your area of specialization, you should acquire skills for tasks that are outside the parameters of your job. Why do companies prefer such individuals? Because such individuals are capable of taking up broader